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Karvas, R.M., McInturf, S., Zhou, J., Ezashi, T., Schust, D.J., Roberts, R.M., and Schulz, L.C. (2020). Use of a human embryonic stem cell model to discover GABRP, WFDC2, VTCN1 and ACTC1 as markers of early first trimester human trophoblast. Molecular Human Reproduction. 26(6): 425-440. PMID: 32359161

Mao, J., Ashish, J., Denslow, N.D., Nouri, MZ., Chen, S., Wang, T., Zhu, N., Koh, J., Sarma, S.J., Sumner, B.W., Lei, Z., Sumner, L.W., Bivens, N.J., Roberts, R.M., Tuteja, G., and Rosenfeld, C.S. (2020). Bisphenol A and bisphenol S disruptions of the mouse placenta and potential effects on the placenta-brain axis. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 117(9): 4642-4652. PMID: 32071231

West, R.C., Ming, H., Logsdon, D.M., Sun, J., Rajput, S.K., Kile, R.A., Schoolcraft, W.B., Roberts, R.M., Krisher, R.L., Jiang, Z., and Yuan, Y. (2019). Dynamics of trophoblast differentiation in peri-implantation-stage human embryos. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 116(45): 22635-22644. PMID: 31636193

Yuan, Y., Park, J., Tian, Y., Choi, J., Pasquariello, R., Alexenko, A.P., Dai, A., Behura, S.K., Roberts, R.M., and Ezashi, T. (2019). A six-inhibitor culture medium for improved naïve-type pluripotency of porcine pluripotent stem cells. Cell Death Discovery. 5, Article number: 104.
PMID: 31240131

Sheridan, M.A., Yang, Y., Jain, A., Lyons, A.S., Yang, P., Brahmasani, S.R., Dai, A., Tian, Y., Ellersieck, M.R., Tuteja, G., Schust, D.J., Schulz, L.C., Ezashi, T., and Roberts, R.M. (2019). Early onset preeclampsia in a model for human placental trophoblast. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 116(10): 4336-4345. PMID: 30787190

Karvas, R.M., Yang, Y., Ezashi, T., Schust, D.J., Roberts, R.M., Schulz, L.C. (2018). ITGA1 is upregulated in response to oxygen over time in a BMP4 model of trophoblast. Molecular Reproduction & Development. 85(8-9): 738-739. PMID: 30076663

Sheridan, M.A., Balaraman, V., Schust, D.J., Ezashi, T. Roberts, R.M., Franz, A.W.E. (2018). African and Asian strains of Zika virus differ in their ability to infect and lyse primitive human placental trophoblast. Public Library of Science. 13(7): e0200086. PMID: 29985932

Roberts, R.M., Ezashi, T., Sheridan, M.A., Yang, Y. (2018). Specification of trophoblast from embryonic stem cells exposed to BMP4. Biology of Reproduction. 99: 212-224. PMID: 29579154

Bayer, A., Lennemann, N.J., Ouyang, Y., Sadovsky, E., Sheridan, M.A., Roberts, R.M., Coyne, C.B., Sadovsky, Y. (2018). Chromosome 19 microRNAs exert antiviral activity independent from type III interferon signaling. Placenta. 61: 33-38. PMID: 29277269

Jain, A., Ezashi, T., Roberts, R.M., Tuteja, G. (2017). Deciphering transcriptional regulation in human embryonic stem cells specified towards a trophoblast fate. Scientific Reports. 7(1): 17257. PMID: 29222466

Yuan, Y., Spate, L.D., Redel, B.K., Tian, Y., Zhou, J., Prather, R.S., Roberts, R.M. (2017). Quadrupling efficiency in production of genetically modified pigs through improved oocyte maturation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114(29): E5796-E5804.
PMID: 28673989

Sheridan, M.A., Yunusov, D., Balaraman, V., Alexenko, A.P., Yabe, S., Verjovski-Almeida, S., Schust, D.J., Franz, A.W., Sadovsky, Y., Ezashi, T., Roberts, R.M. (2017). Vulnerability of primitive human placental trophoblast to Zika virus. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences. 114(9): E1587-E1596. PMID: 28193876

Genovese, N.J., Domeier, T.L., Telugu, B.P., Roberts, R.M. (2017). Enhanced development of skeletal myotubes from porcine induced pluripotent stem cells. Scientific Reports 7(4): 41833. PMID: 28165492

Yunusov, D., Anderson, L., DaSilva, L.F., Wysocka, J., Ezashi, T., Roberts, R.M., Verjovski-Almeida, S. (2016). HIPSTR and thousands of IncRNAs are heterogeneously expressed in human embryos primordial germ cells and stable cell lines. Scientific Reports 6: 32753.
PMID: 27605307.
Corrigendum: Scientific Reports 7: 44632. Figure 5 corrected: March 16, 2017. PMID: 28300214

Roberts, R.M., Yuan, Y., Ezashi, T. (2016). Exploring early differentiation and pluripotency in domestic animals. Reproduction, Fertility and Development 29(1): 101-107. PMID: 28278797

Yuan, Y., Yang, Y., Tian, Y., Park, J., Dai, A., Roberts, R.M., Liu, Y., Han, X. (2016). Efficient long-term cryopreservation of pluripotent stem cells at -80C. Scientific Reports 6: 34476. PMID: 27694817

Roberts, R.M., Green, J.A., Schulz, L.C. (2016). The evolution of the placenta. Reproduction 152: R1-R11. PMID: 27486265

Wang, W., Lee, S.J., Scott, P.A., Lu, X., Emery, D., Liu, Y., Ezashi, T., Roberts, R.M., Ross, J.W., Kaplan, H.J., Dean, D.C. (2016). Two-step reactivation of dormant cones in retinitis pigmentosa. Cell Reports 15(2): 372-385. PMID: 27050517

Yabe, S., Alexenko, A.P., Amita, M., Yang, Y., Schust, D.J., Sadovsky, Y., Ezashi, T., and Roberts, R.M. (2016). Comparison of syncytiotrophoblast generated from human embryonic stem cells and from term placentas. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 113(19): E2598-E2607. PMID: 27051068

Ezashi, T., Yuan, Y., and Roberts, R.M. (2016). Pluripotent stem cells from domesticated mammals. Annu, Rev. Anim. Biosci. 4: 8.1-8.31. PMID: 26566158

Green, M.P., Harvey, A.J., Spate, L.D., Kimura, K., Thompson, J.G., and Roberts, R.M. (2016). The effects of 2,4-dinitrophenol and D-glucose concentration on the development, sex ratio, and interferon-tau (IFNT) production of bovine blastocysts. Mol Reprod Dev. 83(1): 50-60.
PMID: 26465354

Roberts. R.M., Yuan, Y., Genovese, N., and Ezashi, T. (2015). Livestock models for exploiting the promise of pluripotent stem cells. ILAR Journal 56(1): 74-82. PMID: 25991700

Yang, Y., Adachi, K., Sheridan, M.A., Alexenko, A.P., Schust, D.J., Schulz, L.C., Ezashi, T., and Roberts. R.M. (2015). Heightened potency of human pluripotent stem cell lines created by transient BMP4 exposure. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112(18): E2337-2346. PMID: 25870291

Warzak, D.A., Johnson, S.A., Ellersieck, M.R., Roberts, R.M., Zhang, X., Ho, S-M, and Rosenfeld, C.S. (2015). Effects of post-weaning diet on metabolic parameters and DNA methylation status of the cryptic promoter in the Avy allele of viable yellow mice. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 26(6): 667-674. PMID: 25818200

Roberts. R.M. (2014). Breeding for speed. Science 345(6197): 632. PMID: 25104376

Yang, P., Dai, A., Alexenko, A.P., Liu, Y., Stephens, A.J., Schulz, L.C., Schust, D.J., Roberts, R.M. , and Ezashi, T. (2014). Abnormal oxidative stress responses in fibroblasts from preeclampsia infants. PLOS ONE 9(7): e103110. PMID: 25058409

Lee, K., Kwon, D-N., Ezashi, T., Choi, Y-J., Park, C., Ericsson, A.C., Brown, A.N., Samuel, M.S., Park, K-W., Walters, E.M., Kim, D.Y., Kim, J-H., Franklin, C.L., Murphy, C.N., Roberts, R.M. , Prather, R.S., and Kim, J-H. (2014). Engraftment of human iPS cells and allogeneic porcine cells into pigs with inactivated RAG2 and accompanying severe combined immunodeficiency. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111(20): 7260-7265. PMID: 24799706

Roberts, R.M., Loh, K.M., Amita, M., Bernardo, A.S., Adachi, K., Alexenko, A.P., Schust, D.J., Schulz, L.C., Telugu, B P.VL., Ezashi, T., and Pedersen, R.A. (2014). Differentiation of trophoblast cells from human embryonic stem cells: to be or not to be? Reproduction 147(5): D1-D12. PMID: 24518070

Yuan, Y., Lee, K., Park, K-W., Spate, L.D., Prather, R.S., Wells, K.D., and Roberts, R.M. (2014). Cell cycle synchronization of leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF)-dependent porcine-induced pluripotent stem cells and then generation of cloned embryos. Cell Cycle 13(8) : 1265-1276. PMID: 24621508

Yoshinaga, K., Davies, C., White, K., Caron, K., Golos, T., Fazleabas, A., Paria, B. Mor, G., Paul, S., Ye, X., Dey, S.K., Spencer, T., and
Roberts, R.M. (2014). Interdisciplinary collaborative team for blastocyst implantation research: inception and perspectives. Am. J. Reprod. Immuno. 71: 1-11. PMID: 24286196

Rosenfeld, C.S., Johnson, S.A., Ellersieck, M.R., Roberts, R.M. (2013). Interactions between parents and pups in the monogamous California mouse (Peromyscus californicus). PLOS ONE 8(9): e75725. PMID: 24069441

Williams, S.A., Jasarevic, E., Vandas, G.M., Warzak, D.A., Geary, D.C., Ellersieck, M.R., Roberts, R.M., Rosenfeld, C.S. (2013). Effects of developmental bisphenol A exposure on reproductive-related behaviors in California mice (Peromyscus californicus): A monogamous animal model. PLOS ONE 8(2): e55698. PMID: 23405200

Telugu, B.P., Adachi, K., Schlitt, J.M., Ezashi, T., Schust, D.J., Roberts, R.M., Schulz, L.C. (2013). Comparison of extravillous trophoblast cells derived from human embryonic stem cells and from first trimester human placentas. Placenta 34: 536-543. PMID: 23631809

Amita, M. Adachi, K, Alexenko A.P., Sinha, S., Schust, D.J., Schulz, L.C., Roberts R.M., Ezashi, T. (2013). Complete and unidirectional conversion of human embryonic stem cells to trophoblast by BMP4. PNAS 110(13): 1212-1221. PMID: 23493551

Cibelli, J., Emborg, M., Prockop, D.J., Roberts, R.M., Schatten, G., Rao, M., Harding, J., and Mirochnitchenko, O. (2013). Strategies for improving animal models for regenerative medicine. Cell Stem Cell 12(3) : 271-274. PMID: 23472868

Rosenfeld, C.S., Sieli, P.T., Warzak, D.A., Ellersieck, M.R., Pennington, K.A., and Roberts, R.M. (2013). Maternal exposure to bisphenol A and genistein has minimal effect on Avy/a offspring coat color but favors birth of agouti over nonagouti mice. PNAS 110(2) : 537-542.
PMID: 23267115

Jasarevic, E., Williams, S.A., Vandas, G.M., Ellersieck, M.R., Liao, C., Kannan, K., Roberts, R.M. , Geary, D.C., and Rosenfeld, C.S. (2012). Sex and dose-dependent effects of developmental exposure to bisphenol A on anxiety and spatial learning in deer mice (Peromyscus maniculatus bairdii) offspring. Hormones and Behavior 63: 180-189. PMID: 23051835

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Bermejo-Alvarez, P., Rosenfeld, C.S., and Roberts, R.M. (2012). Effect of maternal obesity on estrous cyclicity, embryo development and blastocyst gene expression in a mouse model. Human Reproduction 27: 3513-3522. PMID: 23001779

Bermejo-Alvarez, P., Roberts, R.M., and Rosenfeld, C.S. (2012). Effect of glucose concentration during in vitro culture of mouse embryos on development to blastocyst, success of embryo transfer, and litter sex ratio. Molecular Reproduction and Development 78(5): 329-36.
PMID: 22461414

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Gupta, R., Ezashi, T.E., and Roberts, R.M. (2012). POU5F1-directed silencing of the CGA subunit gene of human chorionic gonadotropin in human choriocarcinoma and embryonic stem cells through squelching of the transactivational properties of ETS2. Molecular Endocrinology 26: 859-872. PMID: 22446105

Roberts, R.M., Katayama, M., Magnuson, S.R., Falduto, M.T., and Torres, K.E. (2011). Transcription profiling of individual twin blastomeres derived by splitting two-cell stage murine embryos. Biology of Reproduction 84(3): 387-94. PMID: 21076082

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Zhou, L., Wang, W., Liu, Y., de Castro, J.F., Ezashi, T.E., Telugu, B.P., Roberts, R.M., Kaplan, H.J., and Dean, D.C. (2011). Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells of swine into rod photoreceptors and their integration into the retina. Stem Cells 29(6): 972-80.
PMID: 21491544

Ezashi, T.E., Matsuyama, H., Telugu, B.P., Roberts, R.M. (2011). Generation of colonies of induced trophoblast cells during standard reprogramming of porcine fibroblasts to induced pluripotent stem cells. Biol Reprod 85(4): 779-87. PMID: 21734265

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PMID 18322277

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Earlier Publications (1966-2005) are readily accessible via PubMed with a few exceptions.

Dr. Roberts’ full CV is available upon request.

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